Dirty house germs remain hidden because they live in a microscopic world. We ignore them and then one day a peculiar odor arises. Maybe a host of odors begin to permiate a home. Then these odors tell us that "yes," our house is a dirty house.

When we talk about germs and dirty house cleaning, we use the term germs in the broadest sense.

Remain something that can cause disease. Germs are pathogens and we sometimes refer to them as infectious agents.

This term pathogen came into use in the 1880s as the germ theory of disease gain momentum as a bona fide scientific term. Germs were then thought of as infectious microorganisms that included viruses as well as bacterium, protozoan, and even fungus. Before long, humanity started washing its hands because this idea of germs invading our bodies externally and internally became common knowledge. We came to believe that germs were parasites at times.

Science became more interested in germs, then. Microbiology is the science became commonplace throughout the industrialized world. Before long medical science included pathology among its various branches of disease in terms that he. Paris at all as he also grew as a serious study of parasites in germs. All of the supplies to the dirty house and dirty housecleaning work. It's best to know what were getting into when we start cleaning because germs will be in the air. That's where the dirty housecleaner must think before acting. When can germs be On the floor rather than made airborne.

We know that germs enter the body through the nose, mouth, and open wounds.

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