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This dirty house cleaning web site networks with my other dirty house cleaning web sites. I have a few to help get the word out. Families and businesses will find my services less expensive than my competitors. I offer a guarantee for my dirty house cleaning services. Basically, you decide when I've cleaned enough. Be aware, too, that I'm talking about really "dirty house cleaning" because that's what I clean. I do not offer services that the maid cleaning comopanies attended to for business. I do the cleaning that they and others will not clean.

What to Expect

  • I prefer to arrive on time.
  • I begin work in a bathroom or bathroom.
  • I scrub, rent, and disinfect nonporous surfaces throughout the home or building.
  • I use professional floor scrubbing machines for bathroom and kitchen areas.
  • I include the cost of tools, equipment, and cleaning chemicals in my fee.
  • I removed solid waste from the premises when needed.
  • I cleanup after dogs and cats.

Usually when we talk about a "dirty health" were talking about a house, apartment conduct condominium, mobile home or manufactured home, recreational vehicle with dirt out of place. In fact that's what we mean by the word dirt, out of place stuff.

A lot of times we talk about a "dirty house" were really talking about a house that's been clattered with clothing, books, newspapers, cans, and bottles. Perhaps there really isn't that much dirt involved. Then again, maybe there's quite a bit of dirt. If you live in a dwelling place with a foundation above the ground, you're less likely to acquire more dirt in your home in someone living on a concrete slab. This is because your up off the ground and those of us on a concrete slab right there on the ground where dirt can blow in through the doors and even windows.

Then again, there's the issue of grease accumulating from cooking and eating fried foods and such.

We know that disarray and dirt add to confusion in our lives. We may spend more time searching for our khakis, our wallet, or even one of our shoes from time to time. This is what cluttering hoarding lead to, but what passes is a dirty health sometimes adds to the confusion. We lose our freedom in a sense, and even our health becomes a risk of times. So we have sloppy surrounding and we become emotional about it. Then we begin putting off cleaning because we feel overwhelmed. And then the day arrives when something must be done and it must be done soon. That's when I get the caller someone like me gets the call to do your dirty house cleaning for you.

Meanwhile, we regret the money we spend to have someone else clean for us. After all, most of us have to work for money and it seems a shame to give it away to somebody for doing what we might've done ourselves. Of course that money is well learned in most cases I'm sure. Just the same, we like to have our money for something else, perhaps a rainy day? But we know to do the dirty stuff depreciates the value of our home as well as the value of the objects that have been somehow worn out before that time. We neglect surfaces that should've been could have been painted. We might've re-papered the walls and cleaned off the lights which is ourselves.

Well, in many cases it's better to find another way of repeat green walls are painting and hiring a dirty house cleaning company. Just the same, I clean the light switch is for you as well as the doors and door handles. I get what we call the "high dust and low dust" while ensuring to use a fog early on in the cleaning process. This fog will help to bring floating debris out of the dwelling place air. It also had some humidity to keep dust down his cleaning proceeds. Plus, the fogging helps to moisten walls, doors, and even windows for cleaning.

No I don't clean carpets, but I do carpet spotting and of course I do vacuum. Some stains can be removed and this helps brighten the carpet over all. Because soils claim to carpets that are not been vacuumed on a steady schedule, sometimes it's necessary to do a deep cleaning, which means soaking the carpet. But this requires a lot of work and it also requires dry weather as well as fans. Ventilation becomes important for removing humidity from the air as the carpet dries out. I don't recommend this process unless it's absolutely necessary to save the carpet. Besides, it's backbreaking work takes a lot of time.

So dust and dirt where down and grind up floors as well as carpets. Dust and dirt plug up coils and vents leading to unforeseen problems related to air conditioning and heating ducts. So cleaning does overall help to reduce some expenses at least.

If you live in a house with men and boys then you know that 90% of all necessary made by these male occupants. Women tend to be more conscientious about cleaning, but they get into trouble. Once in trouble, even women feel overwhelmed and let it go.

Cleaning the dirty house

Trying to clean anything before it's ready to be cleaned leads to last time and extra effort. Look at it this way. Scraping off the bones, grass, and baked potato skins we would leave on a dinner plate comes before washing the dinner plates. We know this. So it makes sense to ensure that all the grass, grit, gravel, and dust gets removed from those hard surface floors before we begin cleaning. And you might think, "is it removing these invading objects cleaning?". In a sense yes, it is cleaning, but it's actually a type of pre-cleaning. Need to get that stuff out and before the real cleaning begins. All the cleaning should be done with the type of logic involved in removing heavy objects in the living room or dining room before doing a thorough vacuuming. By removing materials before getting into the cleaning of surfaces, we help to ensure that our cleaning chemicals get down to the substance of the matter. Here are cleaning chemicals along with the moisture from water begin to raise the soiling matter.

Once and dwell time is added to the area in need of cleaning, we can remove a good part of the dirt in a reasonable time. Leave the clattering dirt and we just end up with a mud pie.

I know when I begin dirty house cleaning I look at the big picture and then I hear my focus down. No I don't take a microscopic look, but I do know in microscopic terms, there is bacteria and viruses around. These microorganisms carry germs and it's important to remove as much of their habitat as possible. You see, remove the habitat and the germs have no place to go.

In the end, we do dirty house cleaning because of the germs. I know this and you know it. We know if we leave open cans on the sink for too long they begin to gather mold. Mold has tons of bacteria in it. Plus it creates odors. And that bring something to mind. Household orders. Now, we know that many homes have their own odor and this is natural. When we cook in our homes we had to the odors the permeate cellular materials like cotton, wood, and even carpet padding.Dirty house cleaning represents more than just cleaning. It means disinfecting, sanitizing. When we do dirty house cleaning we are actually sanitizing surfaces. That's why I use a fog or to disinfect large areas. I also use rubbing alcohol in many places to get into those hard-to-reach areas the goal so long without cleaning. "Out of sight out of mind" we think.

Gary house cleaning means eliminating. It means removing loose dust, dirt, and debris from the surface with a vacuum, a brush, a scraper, a broom, a death clock, and of course, one of my heavy-duty floor scrubbers. Yuri house cleaning sometimes calls for using a lot of water with a powerful cleaning solution because the dirty house becomes resistant to the cleaning process.

We dissolve greasy brine with our cleaning solutions by dwelling or solutions to soften up the grease and grime. It becomes more easily removed. Our solution emulsifiers dirt. It becomes easier to remove, requiring less strenuous effort and eliminating harmful scrubbing. Sometimes we use a sponge, squeegee, cleaning cloth, and of course there's my favorite, the wet/dry vacuum. It's nice to be able to swiftly wipe away all the stuff that was once dried, stuck, or cooked on the floors, walls, and dishes.

Cleaning practices

We all know it's better not to have to worry about dirty house cleaning in that we need to keep up on her cleaning. But the fact is it does get out of hand quickly. So we need to be aware of practices to help cut down our cleaning needs. So we start the cause. We need to cut down on airborne greases that soil. We need to keep junking clutter down while using mats to walk upon to walk off soil in the right place.

Sometimes it's very hard to clean stuff that's been fixed for built into the wrong place somehow. It's too rough, too delicate, inaccessible, unwatchable, unreachable, and we end up saying, "I can't do this."

We do well by buying stuff that is low maintenance. It creates much less headache. It saves us time. We need to think about stain proof stuff. We need to think out something will absorb, stain, soil, shrink, rot, rust, feed, scratch, crack, PO, splinter, deteriorate, dent, or we are off. We need to know which of the times involved for these conditions to begin appearing. We need to know that it's better to build a building with easy to clean surfaces and reduce hard to clean corners. The less surface the better.

When we eliminate ledges and edges were ahead of the game. Put another way, it's easier to keep our decorous simple and save on cleaning time and expenses. We need to choose the right colors to help camouflage for the short term. Think about carpets. How many times have you been in a restaurant and noticed the carpets look very greasy and soiled? Then how many times you been in a restaurant and not notice the carpet? It's a carpet goes unnoticed that someone thought needs to hide spilled grease and crumbs.

A dirty house cleaning company knows well that removing dried gravy gets done quickest with hot water. Try doing it with cold water and the job takes longer. A dirty house cleaning gets done much quicker when worthwhile cleaning solutions reach the soiled matter. So it's better to hire a dirty house cleaning company that prefers using expensive cleaning solutions, like my own dirty house cleaning business. I use the best that can be bought in Home Depot or any other hardware store. Yes I do go to janitorial stores from time to time to buy those professional tools and solutions that I may need.

Cleaning tools play a big part in any efficient dirty house cleaning process. For example, a dry sponge may be used to reach hard-to-reach places. These are available janitorial stores. We use these to make wide swipes across tile. We use the sponge until it's dirty and then we switch to a cleaner part of the sponge. When it's sticky with black stuff we throw away. Of course we cannot use when it is dry sponge on a cottage cheese type ceiling.

Bleach serves as a harsh cleaning chemical as well as a disinfectant. The ceiling sprayed with bleach may cause color loss. In many dirty house cleaning efforts require the use of bleach. Consider that smoke stains sometimes require removal. Some people charge $0.25 a square foot, which means my dirty house cleaning business will serve your house cleaning needs for less. Or, you can buy the chemical yourself from a janitorial supply store and use a garden sprayer. You and your own dirty house cleaning is a good idea in any case.


But we must remain aware that some chemicals become toxic. The toxic coming out of the plastic container, they may become toxic when the strike a particular substance, and for sure the going to become toxic when we need to remove them. When cleaning with toxic chemicals. It's a good idea to close doors and turn off the air conditioning or heating before using bleach so that has blown around.

Once upon a time I was in the Army reserve and received an opportunity to visit Germany for three weeks. I was amazed that the Germans and how small business owners swept the sidewalks and streets in front of their businesses in the morning. The only place I found litter on the streets and sidewalks was where American soldiers had access. Otherwise, I cannot find litter in Germany. And then I found the quote by Goethe, a romantic German poet. He wrote "if everyone would sweep the street in front of their own house, the whole world would be clean." I gather that Goethe had some influence over his countrymen in the following generations. But I wonder if he came to this state of mind because it's part of the German mentality to avoid dirty house cleaning. We know that there is no dirty house cleaning where we clean each day. So, we need to work smarter and harder at not ending up doing dirty house cleaning.

Touch it up some areas goes a long ways toward giving a home less of a dirty house cleaning appearance. For example, how many times is a soda pop exploded and stained the ceiling and walls, with the cottage cheese ceilings it's hard to get it off and not damage the ceiling. Some people have recommended using white shoe polish as needed in these areas. Some people have used shellac on their ceilings to protect it.

Kitchen ceilings may be degrees by quickly sponging the surface and putting a degreaser solution and then wiping it off fast. The ceiling never comes out perfect. Although an improvement is clear to see.

A favorite word in dirty house cleaning is agitated. It's important to agitate those surfaces that have suffered Greece pollution. Airborne greases play a role in capturing and holding soils of all types. Since the soils are in the wrong place the qualifier is dirt. And this becomes part of a dirty house cleaning effort. Remove the dirt and thereby remove the grease.

A high pH cleaner tops out at between 12 to 13 pH. This is on the alkaline side of the pH scale, opposed to the city side of the scale. Leaving the solution and contact with soil for long enough cuts a lot of the work in half. Usually in kitchens we find the worst extra heavy concentrations of airborne grease. This stuff becomes thick and gooey and sticks to coatings. It requires emulsifying. In a kitchen comedy degreaser will often help cut through this grease along with hot water. Some years ago when I was a professional carpet cleaner, at a $20,000 carpet cleaning machine. It produced terribly hot water and I used it to cut greasing kitchens. I was sometimes hired to go into large restaurants and degrees their stoves and ovens. Although this was hot, dirty greasy work, the hot water from my carpet cleaning machine made the work bearable and moved along much quicker. As a result of this training I've come to respect hot water whenever doing dirty house cleaning.

But in emulsifier fields and today were hot water does not reach that high temperature used by truck Mount for carpet cleaning. I wish I had that carpet cleaning machine today for some of my dirty house cleaning, but now I do my dirty house cleaning without benefit of it. Therefore, I use more effort from my muscles and definitely more emulsifying chemicals.

So I you spray bottles were once I might've used a carpet cleaning warrant. Dirty house cleaning sometimes calls for these new approaches.

What we mean by "clean"? I think that what we mean by clean has something to do with what we mean by dirty. And this is kind of a long explanation. The idea of "clean" remains relative to time, place, and cultures. For example, when we say "clean" and were talking in the context of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's "clean rooms" were saying one thing. When we say "clean" in the context of the county landfill, we mean something else. So when we talk about dirty house cleaning and we use this term "clean," we mean livable without the appearance of soiling.

We mean a dwelling place in which we removed heavy soiling, heavy grease, dust, dirt, and other stuff that must be removed during dirty house cleaning. It dirty house cleaning need not return a dwelling place to its pristine, new building condition. It does need to remove the appearance, the odors, degrees, the dust, and the dirt to become part of that dirty house cleaning task.

So dirty house cleaning takes place by degrees. We must ask ourselves about the money we wish to spend. Of course being spend a lot of money and hire somebody to go to every inch of the home and clean. When you be a lot easier just to paint? Of course it would. And in the end, nothing disinfects the dirty house like paint.

When I talk about "dirty house, I'm talking about dirty house cleaning for houses, homes, that become very dirty, filthy. Daily maintenance ended years ago in some cases. Cleaning became a psychological issue because a physical issue may have arisen. Whatever the reason, it may not seem justifiable, but it's fact. It happen. And someone's gotta do the dirty house cleaning to get things back to where they belong. So piece by piece, clutter must be removed. Soiling dirt must be removed. Grease must be removed. Spiderwebs in the corners and hanging from ceilings must be removed.

Dead flies littering sinks must be removed. The dirty house and grown must end.When I talk about "dirty house, I'm talking about dirty house cleaning for houses, homes, that become very dirty, filthy. Daily maintenance ended years ago in some cases. Cleaning became a psychological issue because a physical issue may have arisen. Whatever the reason, it may not seem justifiable, but it's fact. It happen. And someone's gotta do the dirty house cleaning to get things back to where they belong. So piece by piece, clutter must be removed. Soiling dirt must be removed. Grease must be removed. Spiderwebs in the corners and hanging from ceilings must be removed. Dead flies littering sinks must be removed. The dirty house and grown must end.


We remove feces most efficiently with enzyme products such as backout or natures miracle. But we use these and we have time because incense take time. Most often when doing dirty house cleaning we don't have much time because people don't want us to hang around long. They wanted dirty house cleaning company that's going to save them time and money. And that's what I do when I do dirty house cleaning. So I use top-of-the-line cleaning solutions in the best cleaning tools I can find. I pour the solutions on shoulder areas let them saturate the area. Sometimes I blot the area to remove the swirling feces. Sometimes I run water over the area and remove it with a wet dry vac. Depends on what needs to be done. A dirty house cleaning solution helps to kill the bacteria in feces.

As dirty house cleaning progresses the odors in the house begin to subside. No, not all dirty house cleaning efforts remove all the odors, but the odors do begin to subside. Bacteria cause odors in the grow quickly as a multiply. The off gas as they reproduce in consume bacteria.

Food left about a dirty house adds to dirty house cleaning effort requirements. Food spills not removed become part of that stuff that bacteria feed upon. Dirty house cleaning becomes a matter of decontamination then.

What Makes Dirty House Cleaning Different?

Dirty house cleaning resembles filthy hous ecleaning, but it does not have the feces present or the garbage present. Once dirty house cleaning begins to recover feces and garbage, quickly becomes filthy house cleaning.

Gary house cleaning stands apart from clean house cleaning because a clean house requires only dusting and superficial mopping from time to time. A clean house becomes a dirty house quickly when left unattended. That is to say, dirty house cleaning soon follows a clean house when dirty house cleaning practices are not kept.

How much does dirty hosue cleaning cost?

Sometimes I charge $35 an hour for dirty house cleaning. My fee includes the cost of tools, equipment, including solutions as mentioned elsewhere. Dirty house cleaning takes a lot of energy. I do not run, do not jump,. I know the dirty house cleaning requires sustained, cardiovascular movement. Anything less leads to dirty housecleaning that takes days instead of hours. Most important, my dirty housecleaning customers understand that they hire me for a short period of time. For them, the issue is to get their dirty housecleaning out of the way so then get back to cleaning a clean house. They know that cleaning a clean house is much easier than dirty housecleaning. Put another way, put off you dirty house cleaning and a take much longer to get back clean house cleaning.

It may seem odd, but when I write about dirty house cleaning, I go about doing my own dirty house cleaning. So the first thing I'm going to do when I'm done writing about dirty house cleaning here, I begin doing my own dirty house cleaning. I got plenty to do. First and foremost, I need to vacuum. Nothing like vacuuming will help dirty house cleaning get underway. For one, it begins to remove clutter because vacuuming a dirty house requires clutter removal and organization.

Dirty house cleaning In the far reaches of Los Angeles County will cost more for my dirty house cleaning service then in those cities nearest my home in Cypress, California. Dirty house cleaning in Cypress will cost much less than in, say, Bakersfield. Just the same, I'm open to traveling far distances to do dirty house cleaning. I cleaned in 24 states, as a matter fact. But I'm not done dirty house cleaning in 24 states. No, I've done homicide, suicide, and unattended death throughout 24 states in the United States. So when it comes to dirty house cleaning, I can say that I've done dirty house cleaning in Utah, New Mexico, and dirty house cleaning in Arizona as well


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