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I do clean clean houses, but this web site focuses on dirty house cleanin in Orange County and Los Angeles County. I will clean in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County if the money is there. So if you have a really dirty house, or even a filthy house and you wan to pay for house cleaning, give me a call and find out if I can help. It will cost, though, but less than a local biohazard or infectious waste company will charge.

I clean "dirty houses. By "dirty," I mean a house that needs more than dusting and assorted cleaving you might expect from one of the maid services. They do a fine job dusting and mopping floors. They basically keep your home at what I call "motel clean." And that's fine.

I mean an Orange County home that is dirty. "Dirt" is matter that is out of place, I mean. A home with a greasy floor or perhaps a bathroom in need of more than the sort of claiming that the maid services provide. In fact, many homes I go into are too dirty for the maid services. Paragraph decides dirty housecleaning, I do filthy housecleaning.

What's the difference between a dirty house and a filthy Orange County house?

The difference between a dirty house and a filthy house is that a filthy house may have feces from humans, cats, dogs, birds, and other critters. A filthy house may have open food cans and garbage strewn about. My prices for filthy housecleaning are quite a bit more than my prices for dirty housecleaning.

It's because dirty houses do not have feces to claim up or garbage to clean up that my prices are lower than cleaving for a filthy house. A filthy house may have cobwebs, some clutter, dirty floors, dirty sinks, dirty dishes, dirty bathtub and shower, and other cleaning needs. In either case, dirty house cleaning or filthy housecleaning, I'm available; call any time.

Hours of work for Orange County house cleaning - -

I try not to work more than four hours. Sometimes I will clean more than four hours, but I must take a break at some point. Generally, if I take a break during the four-hour shift is a short break, and I come off the clock when I do take a break housecleaning. You do not pay for my brakes.

I prefer to begin Orange County house cleaning early in the morning because that's when I have the most energy and strength. If you did not know, when you hire a housecleaner or even a carpet cleaner, it's best to have house cleanerthem work in the morning. You do not want carpet cleaners cleaning in the later part of the day because by then are tired. It's no different with a dirty housecleaner like myself. You want the most for your money so did it in the morning hours.

Plus, I prefer to travel in the morning hours so that I can avoid as much traffic as possible. If I must handle traffic, I prefer it on the way home rather than on the way to work. I have time to stop and linger on my way home, on my way to a housecleaning task, I prefer to reach the house early. After I reached the house, I usually have enough time to visit a restaurant or a local hardware store like Home Depot. In either place, I can rest in the parking lot and read or use the bathroom as needed.

Orange County dirty house cleaning Information found here includes links to an audio and YouTube presentation of my dirty house cleaning services. I call this service a "dirty house cleaning" service to remove any doubt about my cleaning services. I clean where others do not, will not, or can not clean. Occasionally I'll take on a typical house cleaning task that the local maid services cater too, but it's not my main thing. Also visit this feces cleanup web site.

I prefer to market my cleaning services as here: dirty house cleaning, filthy house cleaning, and more.

I have over 16 years in the dirty house cleaning business. The houses, the buildings, that I clean are usually a bit more than just "dirty." They qualify as dirty house cleaning projects because routine cleaning and maintenance were not part of the dirty housecleaning task of families and businesses. As a result cleaning task become monumental, become overwhelming, and become the business of an Orange County dirty house cleaning operation like found described among my pages. Keep in mind that in 15 years I've cleaned after many situations that exceed our language hours to describe. Besides, you wouldn't believe me anyway.

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